Welcome! I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Minnesota. My research and teaching interests cover a range of topics at the intersection between comparative politics and international relations, with an emphasis on the political economy of human rights and political methodology

My dissertation examines how the pressures of globalization affect human rights practices in dictatorships. Dictatorships today are as violent as they were during the Cold War. This has surprised international observers, who a few years ago thought globalization would help protect human rights in these countries. Despite international efforts to hold abusive dictators accountable, human rights appear to have gotten worse in many dictatorships. To explain this puzzle, I first note how globalization threatens the political and economic interests of elites in dictatorships. In turn, elites demand compensation from the dictator. Where elites can credibly threaten the dictator with removal, the dictator is likely to increase repression to placate allies and avoid a coup.